Sunday, May 27, 2018

Moving ~ Goodbye Nebraska . . . Hello Virginia

INovember, we found out we would be moving to Virginia. Philadelphia, PA and Bedford, MA were the other candidates. The movers came and emptied the house. Ted arrived Thanksgiving day. Exactly 11 years from the time we moved to Nebraska, we began our journey to our home in Yorktown, Virginia. My hope was that I would not have to pack another box for a long, long time!
Hello Virginia
Running Man is the neighborhood we live in.
It is very beautiful with lots of trees.  We enjoyed two Fall seasons this year.
This is our home for now
Christmas Card Photo
A time to create memories in this new place and to discover the history and beauty of Virginia.

Jonathon earns the "Arrow of Light" award

Arrow of Light Award
The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light Award. Earning this rank prepares a Webelos Scout to become a Boy Scout. Webelos Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light Award have also completed all requirements for the Boy Scout badge.

This was Jonathon's last scouting event with the Cottonwood Ward. 
They were so accommodating in holding the Court of Honor early, so he could receive this special award before we moved.
 Ted was already in Virginia, however, we were able to FaceTime him so he could see the ceremony.
Cub Scouts Program Home Page


Very proud of him for his achievement in earning this award.  Congratulation Jonathon! 
May you continue to work hard in Boy Scouts, that one day you will earn your Eagle Scout.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Run/Walk Club 2016

Another year of Run Walk Club. Jonathon first participated in this in Kindergarten and Alyvia started in first grade. 
This awesome activity for the students to participate in begins the first of September and goes to the end of October.
You can go here to learn more about how it works. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is very important!
It was especially great for Jonathon, because it got him in shape for basketball season.

            Jonathon's 6 years of participation                                        READY...SET....GO!
He is so competitive. Took 5th place the previous two years.  
Trying to out run/beat his classmates to place in the top five again this year.

"Run  Alyvia  Run"
Alyvia's 4th year of participation. I think she enjoyed running more every year!
also pictured are her close friends, the twins, Ella & Madelyn and Meg.  

time to check in . . . "how many sticks did I get?"
They ran hard everyday for two months. Sooo Proud of them!! Love their energy!!

The Awards Assembly ~ November 21st
I think Alyvia was surprised to learn she took 8th place for Fourth Grade Girls.  
Great Job Alyvia

Fifth Grade Girls Top Winners
Fifth Grade Boys Top Winners
5th Place three years in a row! He beat his record by 12 sticks.
 Way to go Jonathon!!! 
more results by class

Alyvia and Jonathon missed not participating in the Run Walk Club in 2017.
There are a lot of things they loved about Bellevue Elementary. 
It is a great school with amazing teachers!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Halloween 2016

Costumes this year were the easiest and simplest. 
No work for me, which was nice, since we were preparing for our upcoming move.
Alyvia decided to be a Witch and Jonathon chose to be Jason from "Heros of Olympus"...2nd Series of Percy Jackson books
the last year of Trick-or-Treating in Nebraska
love the expressions of my Wacky Witch!

Alyvia's 9th Birthday ~ October 2, 2016

It's My Birthday
and I'm 9 years old!!  
She likes volleyball, so I decided to make her a volleyball cake. Not the best, but it was delicious.  
She liked it and that is all that matters!!
Time to make a wish...1-2-3....b l o w..Alyvia.
Happy she was able to FaceTime her Daddy who was working in Virginia. 
Love her smile. It was a happy moment for the Birthday Girl!
 Yay, new clothes! My kids know they will always receive clothes as part of their gift from me.
A Volleyball, just what I wanted! The look on her face says it all.. Happy Girl!!
She got a gym bag, sports towel, necklace charm and some treats!

November 11 ~ A Belated Birthday & Good-Bye Party
We had it at Skate City with all of her amazing friends.
Ella, Madelyn, Meg, Aubrey, Elsie and Lexie with JGP attempting to photo bomb.
Nebraska is where Alyvia was born. She has known these girls for quite some time. Elsie and Lexie, she met at church when she was two. She met Aubrey in Kindergarten at Pawnee Elementary and met Ella, Madelyn and Meg at Bellevue Elementary in 1st Grade.
She received some amazing gifts.  They know just what she likes. 
Love their sweet smiles!
Alyvia has missed her friends greatly!! They frequently FaceTime and write letters to keep in touch.

Selling our home in Nebraska & New Job

2016 became one of the most difficult and challenging years for our family!!  On December 31, 2015, we received life-changing news. We learned Northrop Grumman lost the government contract and Ted would soon be unemployed. Fortunately, there was another contract in Virginia which kept Ted employed from January to July. Our lives were pretty much in limbo for most of the year, with job searches and Ted home for one week in a four or five week period. We didn’t know if we would be moving or staying in Nebraska. 

In August, we took a short weekend trip to Kansas City. We visited the World War I Museum, Hallmark Crown Center, Union Station, and the Federal Reserve Bank. After a period of unemployment, Ted received a job offer and we learned we would be moving from Nebraska. He found out his first day of work would be September 28th in Hampton, Virginia. Our lives got a little crazy from that point on!  We had a house needing repairs and paint all before we could list it on the market.

September came and Ted concentrated on the home repairs; residing the shed, replacing the deck floor, and packing what he could, all before he left. We are most grateful for good friends and mentors who helped us! I finished many projects: painting the shed, helping with the deck railing, selling furniture and kids stuff, donating items, cleaning, and packing. I also prepared the house for showing. 

Pictures of the repairs completed on the front siding and trim

The chimney area in the back also had to be redone due to wood rot.  

Summer of 2012, we finished a large project! 
We removed this playground area and redid the planter boxes by the shed.
This platform of dirt or playground area was created to house a swing set. The swing set was old and very unstable, so we tore it down. Also, the wood was protruding in the back and after severe storms, mud and water were entering our neighbor's back yard. Not Good!!! We were then left with the task of removing all the wood and redistributing the dirt.   
It was difficult physically and took quite awhile to complete. 

I couldn't find a picture of the swing set, however, I found these two.
I love how Alyvia & Jonathon are looking right at me.... They are my cuties!!

A picture of the backyard after we removed the playground area.
We decide that year to use the area for a garden and then plant grass there the following year. 
You can also see below the garden where sod had been placed and bare spots where grass seed had been planted. 

Our Home is finally for Sale! 
It was now October and the house was ready to be put on the market. 

The Exterior
The deck railing was constructed by placing the wood horizontal.  
It would have been more expensive, if we would have replaced it with the typical deck railing.  
We replaced the old planter boxes with a smaller one and added an area for the garden. 
The shed was completely resided and painted.
The Interior
Entry Way and Living Room
Kitchen and Laundry Room
Master Bedroom and Bath
Kid's Bedrooms and Bath
Area at bottom of the stairs and Guest bedroom
 My Craft Room & Office
Family Room & Bar 
I did a lot of work on this house. It was a never ending project. 


We received an offer rather quickly. The packing continued, and more repairs were required. NOT FUN!!! 
Happy though that it Sold!  We closed on the house, December 15, 2016.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Swim Class 2016

Another season of swimming lessons at Papio Bay Aquatic Center
 Jonathon started in level three ~ Barracudes Class 
Alyvia was in level four ~ Stingrays Class
 She made big improvement with her skills in level four, one of the hardest levels to pass.  
It's all about building up your endurance.  Way to go Alyvia!
He passed to level four! Way to go Jonathon!!
On the last day of class, the kids get to have fun on the slide and diving boards!! 
 I think they could have spent the rest of the day here.  Hard to say goodbye!!
 A big "THANK YOU" to Papio Bay!
Alyvia & Jonathon participated in swimming lessons here since 2013.  
Their swim program is excellent! The instructors are great with the kids in teaching them the skills to be good swimmers.
My kids loved coming here for lessons every summer. They learned a lot and had fun too!! 
We have really missed this place, since we no longer live in Nebraska.