Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pinewood Derby 2016

It was quite an exciting year for the Pinewood Derby!
Jonathon's car Streak got the award for the Sportiest Car.
HIs car also did very well in the races with his Troop at church.
Little did we know Streak would be very successful at the district level!
Jonathon was all smiles after winning 2nd Place Webelos at the Wagon Wheel District!  
Average time was 231

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Music Programs 2015-'16

I was able to get a few pictures and a little video of the kids at their school music programs. 

Alyvia, walking in with her class and getting ready to play the soprano xylophone.
3rd Graders
The video isn't the greatest, however I was able to capture Alyvia singing for a few seconds
before she was hidden by the girl in front of her.

Wish I would have had my tripod when I taped it.
Jonathon with all the 4th Graders
He learned to play the Recorder this year and here he is playing the base xylophone.
Nice Job Everyone!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Basketball Season 2015

For the LOVE of the Game
BASKETBALL is Jonathon's true passion!
Each of these pictures show just how aggressive he can be when playing.
It is a delight to watch him in action.
In one of the games he scored 20 points.  
His coached asked if he had ever considered playing on an Elite team.
Video quality not very good, taken from Alyvia's iPod, but it did capture the moment!

Best Season Ever!!
Here they are, "The Undefeated Leopards" with coach Cook.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Jonathon's 10th Birthday

December 28, 2016 ~ It's My Birthday!
I can't believe my son is now 10 years old.  I was so happy when he was born; I finally became a mother!  He has been a joy from the beginning and a blessing to our family.  I have enjoyed watching him learn and grow; challenging himself to new things.  Jonathon excels at Math. He is good at statistics and likes to analyze outcomes. When he makes a statement about something, it is often followed with the question, "Do you want to know why?" He loves to play basketball, video/wii (Minecraft, Super Mario, Dragon City) games.  He also likes to ride his bike, read, and play the piano.  
Looking forward to seeing him progress through the years.
He is now in the Webelos Den in Cub Scouts.  
His birthday, is the perfect time to get all the required items; book, neckerchief/slide, belt/buckle, and ribbons.  
Scouting is a lot of work.  I really have to stay on top of it to help him complete the requirements. 
He also got a new baseball mitt and some Pokemon cards.
"Happy Birthday Dear Jonathon, Happy Birthday To You!" . . now make a wish and blow . .

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
The holidays snuck up on me very quickly this year.  
I felt like I was scrambling to get everything done. It was another great time to remember!!
 Here they are all ready for church; wearing their special Christmas clothes on this beautiful Sunday.
This year was easy; no dress to make, just a simple, yet beautiful skirt I made for Alyvia. 
I found a matching tie for Jonathon to wear. I even made a festive skirt for me to wear too.

say "cheese" - love their silly smiles 
checking out the ornaments 
I think we look amazing on this wonderful Sabbath Day.
On Christmas Eve they each get to open a gift from Dad.
They got a Nauvoo Temple ornament; very significant this year, since we visited there in May.
And of course, new pajamas.  "I love my Star Wars and Penguin PJs!"
Christmas Morning
Santa brought them new bikes, it was just what they needed.
I can't wait to play these games. Look at our cool shirts.
kids gave each other a nerf bow and arrow set
Ted got a puzzle, DVD, new bow ties, Home Depot gift card, an exercise device, and Star Wars hot wheel cars. 
He has the best smile; it melts my heart every time!
I got a new sweater, DVDs, baking sheet, ironing arm and dress form to help with my sewing projects
these are some awesome gifts; Star Wars Cars, Battleship Game, and an Art Easel
 a few tasty treats we found in our stockings
a gift card for me to JoAnns
"Rubics cubes are challenging!"
its always fun to watch them open presents
new clothes make me happy
checking out the new art kit and legos
50 dollars from Grandpa Passey and Grandma Arlene

Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts. And most of all we are grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and the opportunity we have each holiday season to celebrate his birth. He brings hope, peace, and love to all!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Run/Walk Club 2015

It's that time of year again, THE RUN/WALK CLUB at Bellevue Elementary.  
To learn more about this wonderful event, check out my first Run/Walk Club post here

Today was a 5K Fund Raiser for the school.  
Jonathon keeping the pace
Alyvia's closest friends, Ella and Madelyn, the identical twins.
it's recess . . . time to start RUNNING
today was also camouflage day 
Sad face and a few tears . . . losing a stick is the worst!

How many sticks will he need to complete his goal?
Go Alyvia Go ~ and a smile for me
My CAMO' Girl
Running is hard work - - -  - - - - - You can do it! 
almost there
Look at all those sticks!
Jonathon with his running buddies

The Run/Walk Club Awards Assembly
P.E. Teacher, Mr. Brockhous, and school Principal, Mr. Wellmann.
Did they improve from 2014?  Here are the Results.  
Top five 4th Grade Girls
Excellent Job Jonathon!!! 5th place again.
Top five 4th Grade Boys
most miles run and completed 1/2 marathons & marathons by grade and class
I hope I place in the top 5?  Pictured with 1st place (Miles) and 2nd place (Derek) winners.
He was sick and missed 1 day, but still did well.  Very proud of him!!  
He received 12 more stick and ran 2.4 more miles this year.  He even got a ribbon this time.
Love all the toe tokens!  Great Job Alyvia and Jonathon!
  Thank you Bellevue Elementary for promoting a healthy lifestyle.